Let Us Show You How To Create A More Resilient Organization While Fostering Employee Wellbeing By Building A Peer Support Program.

We help your employees recover from burnout by building evidence based, trauma informed, and biblically centered wellbeing initiatives.

Hey There! I'm Scott!

I started PeerCheck360 in early 2021 to bring awareness of the struggles faced by healthcare and first responder professionals across the United States and the globe. Having worked in the healthcare community since 2006 and in public safety as a firefighter/EMT since 2005, I have a unique first-hand perspective around these struggles and understand the need for wellbeing support.

I am acutely aware of the challenges faced by healthcare professionals and first responders. I have an intimate understanding facing difficult, traumatic, and emotionally charged situations. Many organizations and leaders have historically told employees that this is just part of the job. As such, many employees fail to engage resources already present, such as EAP and Chaplains, and many are forced to FACE THESE SITUATIONS ALONE.

I know that it is possible to build more resilient organizations and help employees recover from burnout through Peer Support. You will see increased retention, decreased turnover, and employees that are more aligned with the overall mission, vision, and values of your organization.

Let me show you how!


Are you a healthcare employee that is burned out, frustrated, and ready to quit?
You pursued a career with the best intentions...

School gave you a perception of “Wow, this (insert your training goal here) is really cool.”

And then you were hit with the realities…

You wanted to make a meaningful difference in the world. You had visions of yourself being awesome. But the realities of your career are much different than you expected.

Between the high-stress environment, the inflexibility of your schedule and the unrealistic demands of healthcare, you feel traumatized and disappointed with the system.

You keep wondering….. can I really keep doing this for another year? How about another 20 years?

A Message from Our Founder

From Scott:

“Yep, I’ve been there, too. 

3 years into my career I cared for a patient that emotionally impacted me in a way that I questioned my entry into this profession. “Amanda” (name changed intentionally) was a 29 year old wife and mother of 2 who was involved in a head-on vehicle collision. She was also 40 weeks pregnant. Unfortunately, after 3.5 hours of intense resuscitative efforts and a c-section in the emergency department our efforts were unsuccessful. Her 30 year old husband and 2 other children received the tragic news that mommy was not coming home ever again.

This hit me hard. I was a new emergency department nurse and had only been in healthcare for 3 years. This event impacted me in a way that I didn’t know was possible.

This event changed my life and set the stage for the support I expected throughout my career.

After approximately a week I was told that “I would just get used to it because it is just part of the job.”

Talk about a rude awakening in my healthcare career. Little did I know that what I experienced after this event was a normal response to an abnormal situation.

Perhaps you haven’t experienced a tragic event such as this, but…”

Your story is YOUnique!
We want you to know that you are NOT ALONE.

Would you agree that…

You feel overworked and undervalued by your employer or the healthcare system as a whole.

You are constantly pressured to see a high volume of patients and do it with less and less resources.

You can’t keep up with all the charting.

You feel totally unappreciated. No one recognizes how hard you work. Patient’s never care about what you do.

You are mentally exhausted.

You are never fully present with your family, and don’t have motivation to pursue personal interests outside of work.

You are having difficulty in finding satisfaction in normal and routine skills that you once loved? (Remember when you actually enjoyed patient care?)

You are watching your peers leave to pursue agency work, start side hustles, and more to “avoid burnout”?

You often question if “this” can be prevented? Can this be reversed?

It is 100% possible!

We help your employees recover from burnout by building an evidence based, trauma informed, and biblically centered peer support program!

Who do we help?

We work with healthcare organizations who are wanting to enhance their wellness options, support the wellbeing programs already in place, and reduce the workload on overwhelmed EAP  and Chaplain professionals who have historically provided wellness support. 

For organizations that use EAP, you likely have noticed an underutilization of these services. If you are unsure if EAP is poorly utilized, we can promise you that it is. Many of your employees may not be familiar with the services available. Peer Support is different. 

As an organization, have you seen an increase in turnover, decrease in retention, and a skyrocketing complaint of burnout among your employees? Peer Support fills this gap and places resources where it matters most — on the frontline of your organization.

We can show you how Peer Support can enhance your organization and lead to a financial savings allowing to save money for other needs.

How can we help you?

Consulting: We will connect with leaders within your organization to understand and evaluate your current employee wellness options. Through an employee wellness survey we will audit your current processes and provide recommendations for moving forward. Although we feel Peer Support can be a valuable addition to many organizations, we will only make the recommendation after deliberate consideration.

For organizations with current Peer Support Programs, are you seeing the success that you once hoped? If not, we can offer an evaluation of the structure, training, policies, engagement, and more to ensure that you are seeing the success that you desire to facilitate a culture of support.

Training: To ensure that you are receiving the right training for your team, training packages are structured based on organizational need. We will offer our H.E.R.O (Helping Employees Reach Others) Peer Support Team Training virtually or on-site based on your teams need.

Helping You Build A More Resilient Organization Today.

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