A New Outlook

While cutting firewood yesterday, I got challenged.

Yes, challenged.

There are a few ways to look at this photo below.

  1. We could see it as being rotten to the core yet pleasing on the external.
  2. We could see it as missing a vital need, a longing for something more, yet empty internally.
  3. Or, we could see it as pure junk that needs to be removed.

There are many who would look at this tree as nothing more than junk that needs to be removed. However, it could be…

  1. Turned into firewood for a campfire.
  2. Turned into firewood to heat a home or business
  3. Turned into paper for books, Bibles, newspapers, paper, etc. to fill fill the eager mind.
  4. Turned into mulch for bedding material
  5. Turned into protective material on children’s playgrounds.
  6. Turned into lamp bases to light up the room.
  7. Turned into table tops for family gatherings.
  8. Turned into baseball bats or basketball floors to train the sports greats of tomorrow.

What you see as junk, could be another person’s greatest asset.

Drop your thoughts below on this image and how you could see it differently


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