Be The AND In Someone’s Life

What is the worst 3 letter word you can tell someone?

What if I told you it was “but”?

No, not the southern region of your digestive system.

“But…”This is such a common word in our daily language that we forget the impact of this 3 letter word.

  • “I love you, but…”
  • “I miss you, but…”
  • “I need you to pick up your toys, but…”
  • “I know you lost someone, but…”

It almost rolls off our tongue in a seemingly meaningless way.

Can I challenge you with something?

Almost a #WhatIfChallenge

Are you ready for it?

What if we changed the “but” to an “and”?

  • “I love you, AND…I want to spend more time with you.”
  • “I miss you, AND…Let’s get together.”
  • “I need you to pick up your toys, AND…later we can play a fun game.”
  • “I know you lost someone, AND… I’m here to be with you.”

Both are POWERFUL 3 letter words and make a huge difference in your conversation, relationship, and life. Imagine if #Jesus came to this earth to die for all #BUT not for YOU?

Instead He came to die for all #AND YOU!!! Praise God!

Will you be the AND in someone’s life today?


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