Bloom Where You Are Planted

It has been a practice since each of our girls were born, that we read them a Bible story before tucking them in bed.

It doesn’t take long, but it has been a nice exercise and one that each of them has grown accustomed.

Tonight while reading our devotional, we learned of a pine tree (pinus contortus, or Lodgepole Pine) that drops its’ seed after being exposed to extreme heat during a forest fire. Their cones are tightly sealed. A layer of resin and woody tissue sticks the cones’ scales together. The seeds are locked in tight, and the cones can’t open unless they’re exposed to VERY high temperatures like the type of temperatures that fire provides. The seeds love the carbon rich soil that fire leaves behind, and seedlings pop up almost immediately. They grow into dense stands of trees, and before you know it, there’s a whole new crop of serotinous cones waiting in anticipation for the next fire to blaze through.

This is a great reminder to us that we are to #BLOOM where we are #planted. 🌱You may not be experiencing the joys of an amazing life, or feeling like your job and/or boss is the worst thing ever. Just because you were not planted in a field of wildflowers doesn’t mean your life is over, that your job will always be this bad, or that your are the worst parent/sibling/child/person ever.

Just like the Lodgepole Pine tree, you maybe exposed to some extreme pressures. However, you must #bloom were you are #Planted. Make the MOST of #today.

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