God Equipped Elijah!

God didn’t yell at Elijah. He didn’t tell Elijah to “just cheer up” or tell him that “it’s not really that bad”, or “it’s just part of the job as a prophet.”

No, he equipped him with food and water for the difficult journey ahead. 

God EQUIPPED Elijah!

There are times when we don’t understand why God places us in difficult situations or challenging conflicts, but He knows more than we could ever ask or think. He didn’t make Elijah’s journey any easier, but he provided for the future challenges that he faced.

Perhaps the greatest blessing is that Elijah is the only prophet in scripture who directly ascended into heaven. 2 Kings 2.

The journey you are on may seem dark, dreary, and dismal with no way out. You have a Creator who made a way for you.

He didn’t promise rainbows and butterflies at every step of the way, but He has a much greater plan for you in your life. 


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