It’s Ok to #ReachIn and #ReachOut

Does this describe you? If it does, please know that your life matters. Your life is brave. Your life is beautiful. Your life is important. You matter. So often the false persona of success is used to disguise the turmoil under the many layers of failure, frustration, disgust, fear, anxiety, rage, calamity, sadness, grief, pain, etc. We see family, friends, and coworkers who “have it all together” and we wonder why they are so happy. Or maybe those people are “jaded and cynical” or “bubbly and outgoing”. Either way, the way they display doesn’t indicate completely that they have their ducks in a row. Even if someone looks like they have it all together, they may not. Be ok with asking those tough questions, such as, “Are you ok?”, “Have you wanted to hurt yourself?”, or “How are you?”. You may just be surprised with the response.1 in 5 adults experience mental illness. Are you the 1 that has experienced mental illness? Are you one of the four who have not? How are you supporting those who have? It takes #1peer to make a difference. It takes #1peer to save a life.Are you willing to be that #1peer today? #peercheck360

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