Music Stirs the Soul

Many people find joy through music and forget that it often helps with soul care.

The Association of Certified Biblical Counselors recently shared a blog post about the role of music in Biblical Counseling. The following 5 points were made to help us to focus on the impact music has in stirring the soul and we can see the integration of music all throughout scripture!

  1. Music Speaks to Our Deepest Emotions
  2. Music Channels Truth into the Mind
  3. Music is a Means of Acknowledging Sorrow
  4. Music Ministers Outside the Counseling Room
  5. Music Reminds Them They Are Not Alone

Before there was time, music accompanied Christ as He shaped the world in His hands (Job 38:7). One day music will welcome in the new earth at the beginning of eternity (Revelation 15:3). This is such a tremendous and awesome gift we have been given!

What music do you enjoy that stirs your soul? Share your tunes below and bonus points for sharing a YouTube or vimeo link of your favorite tunes!


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