Protein in The Ice Cream

Tonight for supper we used a gift certificate our girls got for Christmas. (Yes, it’s May…don’t hate on the delay) The gift certificate was to buy pizza from an ice cream shop. All the way there I heard the question in broken record style, “Can we get ice cream?” We don’t typically get sweets in our house and we are trying to cut back on the sugar we consume to improve our health. I pulled up, gave the gift certificate, got the 2 pizzas, and drove away. For the next two blocks, I heard the same question repeated to which I kindly replied, “we will see what sort of treats they may have given us.” My oldest daughter then proceeds to tell me how healthy ice cream is for you because of the protein in it. Protein!?!

She can’t be serious, right?  My first reaction was slight (and quiet) laughter which was then followed by the question, “and where did you hear this?” She then proceeds to tell me that it is in her book we got from the library. (Through our affiliate link, you can find An Edible Alphabet by Carol Watterson at Amazon!) I couldn’t believe it. Ok. Seriously, what book would tell us that ice cream is healthy for you? If this is the case, I now have justification to eat more and give my children more. (Or that’s what she hoped for, but I was going to prove her wrong.) So…fast forward to a few minutes ago and I shared this with my wife. She had an initial similar reaction to mine. She then proceeds to open the library book, reads the below page, and then remarks, “it just goes to show you how closely they are paying attention.” Psalms 8:2, “God ordains strength out of the mouth of babes…” So much truth right here, yet so simple. I continue to be amazed by the incredible workings of these young beautifully created minds and am excited to see what the future holds in their lives! For those who are more curious about this cute story book, you can find An Edible Alphabet by Carol Watterson over on Amazon! It really is a cute read and one that the 2 older girls really enjoyed.  #peercheck360 #1peer (And just for the record, there was ice cream provided at the restaurant. It just so happens to be in the fridge as a special treat for tomorrow 🙂. )

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