Peer Support Executive Summary


Many industries and professions understand the difficult nature of delivering necessary services in challenging environments. Health care, first responder services, chaplaincy, and education to name a few. Yet, responsibilities within these careers are sometimes burdened with such extreme emotional, behavioral and/or physical pains that they can lead to unhealthy amounts of stress, referred to as secondary trauma, compassion fatigue, and eventual burnout. 

Having resources available is vital for the wellbeing of your employees; however, if the workplace culture fosters an underutilization of these resources then you have likely seen a loss of funding or lack of availability of these resources. 

The PeerCheck360 Difference

With over a decade of experience in the healthcare and first responder profession, we have an acute understanding of the impact adverse events have on your employees. We have seen the positive impact peer support has in multiple environments including:

  • Hospitals
  • Outpatient clinics
  • Fire Departments
  • Emergency Medical Service agencies
  • and, Churches

We excel at partnering with organizations in implementing these services to enhance the resiliency of your team while championing your organization’s internal strengths and resources. 

Scott McKnight, Founder of PeerCheck360, LLC. assisted the largest healthcare organization in central Ohio, a Fortune 100 company, in the creation of a peer support program during a global pandemic. During the one year pilot (November 2020 – November 2021) at 1 of the 13 hospitals in the organization, over 1200 individuals were supported through peer support. At the conclusion of this pilot, employees reported an increase in mental health resource awareness, a decrease in perceived symptoms of burnout, and an increase in comfort with reporting difficult events. Due to its effectiveness, the organization then lateralized the program throughout its multi-campus locations. 

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