Peer Support Team Training

This is where so much comes together and is modeled after a program our CEO helped create within a Fortune 100, 14-hospital, 30,000+ associate healthcare organization. The success of this program truly comes down to the engagement of the associates selected. The same model has been used to provide support to over 1000 individuals in less than 10 months!

How long is Peer Support Team Training?

Our trainings are tailored to the needs of your organization. Our most popular training is a 4-hour training conducted virtually or in-person (at your preferred location, within the United States only) by training select frontline team members (i.e. nurses, facilities specialists, housekeeping, nutrition, etc.) to provide emotional support to peers using biblically-centered, trauma-informed, and evidence-based techniques.

What is the benefit in training peers?

Many organizations offer some psychological support to employees through Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) (outsourced or organization owned) and faith-based chaplains (volunteer or paid). 

  • Peers are PRESENT (EAP clinicians are significantly understaffed and  overwhelmed.)
  • Peers are already defusing with peers (Chaplains are often only available for patients and family members. Think who is responsible to tend to families in the event of patient decline/death.)
  • Well Peers GIVE BACK (Giving them the tools to support each other, fosters a supportive and productive environment, promotes mental wellness, supports employee retention, and decreases turnover.)

We are VERY supportive of EAP/Chaplains/other wellness options. We still recommend ADDING trained peers to provide trauma-informed, psychological first aid to those experiencing traumatic events.

The benefit of using trained peers is significant! According to Johns Hopkins University, there is a monetary benefit savings of $23,000 per nurse who instituted a peer support call. If you have 100 nurses, then this would result in an organizational cost savings of $2.3million!

How much does Peer Support Team training cost?

*Tiered pricing structure based on organizational needs. Please call today so we can understand how to best serve you and your organization.

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