Would you say the following is true of yourself?

  • Do you find yourself no longer interested in work?
  • Are you struggling to find satisfaction in normal and routine tasks that you once loved?
  • Do you constantly think about working in another department/unit or DREAM about an organizational or career change?

Does this sound familiar?

If so, these are key symptoms of BURNOUT!

For many of us as healthcare professionals, you are likely asking yourself how to attempt to manage your own emotions and process the many struggles of day to day operations. The expectations placed on you is EXTREME!

Perhaps you are wondering if your job is still “worth it” and have been contemplating working as a Starbucks Barista as a side gig or permanent job. (I mean, who hasn’t?!?)

Our Work

Walking alongside you, we help individuals mature in the spiritual journey and, in turn, produce more disciples among your colleagues, family, and community.  We aim to equip you to care for your spiritual needs through the help of Jesus Christ alone, and through Him, assist you in offering hope to others as you engage with a broken world.

Behind each uniform is an individual who is pursuing a calling that is both exhilarating and exhausting. Stepping into complex situations offers the chance to protect or save a life. This calling has a cost, however. You respond to everyone’s worst day. Your commitment to this purpose leaves you exposed to loss, violence, tragedy, and disappointment.

The reality of this work can manifest itself in personal and professional challenges that are difficult to overcome and impossible to overcome alone. Often, the adversity is too much, the trauma is too overwhelming, and the support is too hard to find.

How We Serve?

  • Weekly Devotional Email: You have a hard job and you don’t need anyone sugar coating it. Each week we will deliver an encouraging or challenging verse from the Bible with life application. You may not be a Christian or know who Jesus is and that is totally fine. We want you to know that you are not alone in this world and there is a Savior who longs to know you and have a relationship with you. By reflecting on a portion of the Bible, you will begin to discover that there are real solutions to the very problems you are experiencing in life.
  • Education: We offer several courses, including the HERO Peer Support Program training, that will help you to learn how to connect with others and learn how to offer emotional support to those around you who have experienced adverse events.
  • Prayer: We want you to know that you have individuals in your corner who care about you and value your life. We want to pray for things that matter most to you and help you to understand how prayer can make a great impact in your life, too.