What Are 6 Ways to Escape Burnout?

A Community of Compassion
Personal Connection
Remember WHY!
Self Awareness / Emotional Intelligence
Intentional Focus
Work Life Balance

The right workplace and leadership will facilitate a compassionate, safe, and supportive culture. This can be further enhanced through peer support, EAP, pastoral care, etc.

We MUST have Well-Being initiatives in the Workplace!

Engaging interpersonally and intraprofessionally with others who are likeminded. This is not just “gossiping” in the workplace, but connecting your WHO to the WHY of your work! Helping employees connect with one another in professional and supportive ways, promotes a culture of connection!

What made you love doing what you used to do? Perhaps you are still a healthcare professional but find yourself HATING your job. Why did you want to move into healthcare in the first place? If you are not performing to your fullest, how is your organization supporting you?

This is about being aware of your emotions in many situations. How do you react when someone is yelling at you? How do you refocus your energy when someone is disengaging in conversation? We reflect EI through our behaviors. Is your organization emotionally intelligent?

To know where you want to go, you need to know where you have been and why you don’t want to go back. You must first know your WHY to understand how to shape your future. Organizations must be helping employees grow to enhance their potential.

Know your why…know your future.

Work-Life balance is a misnomer. It assumes that what you value in work is equal to what you value in life. I don’t know about you, but my life outside of work is FAR MORE IMPORTANT than my life at work.

You and your employer should be passionate about creating work/life HARMONY instead of balance.

i want harmony in my future