What is Your Good Samaritan Story?

Have you heard about the story of the #GoodSamaritan? Check it out here: https://youtu.be/tEazo3mKd_k I heard about an exciting Good Samaritan story from one of my coworkers who saved the life of a man choking at a restaurant. (hint: Megan deserves a lifetime supply of free Logan’s Roadhouse rolls for her heroic efforts) What is …

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The Burnout Cure

The cure for burnout isn’t to promote self-care. The cure for burnout is everyone providing care for each other. In the military, the concept of buddy care is crucial and real. If we fail to ensure that our #peer is geared up and ready for the fight, we promote his/her health and wellness. By promoting …

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You Are Loved!

You may be struggling today and we just wanted to #reachout and let you know that you are #loved! You may not feel like it. You may not sense it. You may not believe it. In Genesis 1:27 we read that YOU were made in the image and likeness of God! No matter where you …

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Your Pain Will Preach!

Are you #suffering? Have you experienced #grief? Have you suffered #loss? Have you endured #trauma? One day, your pain is going to #preach to others of your strength and endurance. It may seem like this pain is NEVER going to leave. One day, this pain will be a scar that reminds you of this time. …

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Broken Crayons Still Color

You may feel #broken or #alone. We see you! We want you to know that you still matter! You aren’t broken. You need to rediscover your purpose. Broken crayons still color! #peercheck360 vCard Download

Be More Like Jesus!

It is sometimes difficult to remember this. Romans 3:23 “for all have sinned…” except for one. There was only one Perfect Person. He is the Son of God and came to this earth to demonstrate true #love to each person. Although He never sinned, He never needed to engage in sin to comfort those around …

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Snapshots in Time

Snapshots in time are just that, snapshots in time. Right before and right after this photo was captured, there were multiple frustrations expressed. I could choose to focus on only the “picture perfect” images, or I could choose to love each moment in life as painted by the Master Artist Himself. The emotional times are …

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