Employee Wellness Is The Missing Link

Engaging Employees is Important

Let’s have some real-talk!

The truth is…

Many professionals are considering leaving the department, facility, organization (or even profession) and NO ONE IS STOPPING THEM. 

No one is stopping them!

Are you looking for an employee engagement consultant to guide your organization in creating a solutions-focused approach around continuous improvement? We can help.


We aren’t an employee engagement firm?

So, then what is it that we do?

At PeerCheck360, we are EMPLOYEE WELLNESS CONSULTANTS. As the experts in employee wellness, we are dedicated to seeing your employees succeed at every turn.

So, do we offer employee engagement solutions? Yes and no. We are more than employee engagement survey consultants.

We bring solutions with real results focusing on promoting employee wellness — the real white elephant in business. 

Our approach is to not only consult with leaders to help them achieve their goals, but showing and guiding them through the journey to build their internal capacity for effecting positive change in their organizations.

Unlike most employee engagement consultants, PeerCheck360:

  • Focuses on wellness as an outcome of the entire employee experience, rather than a specific score
  • Analyzes results and builds custom summaries that are easy to read and understand for any employee
  • Customizes our strategies to each organization’s biggest issues and greatest needs
  • Creates employee wellness initiatives, such as peer support, to produce real results that keep the focus on those delivering excellent service to your customers — your employees

Employee Engagement vs Employee Wellness

Employee engagement is a primary goal for the world’s most successful companies. However, when employee wellbeing is supported, they will be engaged. The link between an engaged workforce and higher productivity and profits has been proven repeatedly

So…how do you achieve high employee wellness? 

From our perspective, too many business and human resource consultants focus on employee interaction as a score or measure.

PeerCheck360 has a different view. 

We see employee engagement as a result of employee wellness. 

Our focus begins by listening to leaders and employees to identify opportunities and uncover barriers that have prevented their wellness and then produce a solutions-focused approach to help the organization take action to remove those barriers.

Because the barriers to employee wellness may be different in each organization, we seek to understand the needs of the organization and then understand and address the greatest opportunities for improvement unique to each organization.

Taking this approach allows us to go above and beyond services offered by other employee engagement consultants. Instead, we seek to listen, understand, and then build a custom solution for the organization to drive real results to those who matter most in the delivery of services — the employee.

The Missing Link

At PeerCheck360, our process is built around the employee while appreciating the needs of the organization. We tailor our process to solve real business problems and bring real results. 

We believe that employee engagement surveys are important and help to tell a story, however, employee wellness surveys take it one step further by asking questions that matter to the employee on a deeper level. 

Employee wellness solutions can’t be remedied by simply asking a few predefined questions a certain number of times per year. Instead, these solutions must be weaved into the culture of the organization. Your employee wellness strategy must be crafted to reveal valuable insight from the right people at the right time.

Our approach is geared towards helping your organization create solid and robust employee wellness programs — creating environments that become a harvest of engaged employees. 

Through an enhanced survey process, we use multiple data points to understand your employee’s wellness. After a comprehensive survey review, your company is better equipped to track performance over time, draw comparisons that provide a more robust understanding of the employee experience and outcomes throughout the organization.

How We Are Different

We like to keep it simple.

There is no reason to make a process more complex with multiple steps than is needed.

Our process? Simple.

First, we LISTEN. We want to get to know you and your people on a deeper level. We will offer feedback when it is requested and we will seek to understand.

Second, we ASK. We want to know your organizations pain points and seek to understand how we can partner together. Through the power of a robust employee wellness survey, we will get to know you, your employees, and your organization more. 

Third, we TEACH. Through a tailored solutions-focused employee wellness initiative, you and your employees will discover the power of peer support. This is an evidence-based, trauma-informed, and biblically-centered wellness program that brings real solutions to where it matters most — to the people. 

Finally, we SUPPORT. if our only focus was to offer you a “cookbook” style tool and run away, then we have failed you, your employees, and your customers. We will partner with you and your organization to ensure that you have ongoing support through annual employee wellness training and employee wellness surveys. 

We take pride in being an ELITE PEER SUPPORT VENDOR and will deliver real value to you and your team. it is our responsibility is to deliver real solutions to the organizations that partner with us. 

In our view, educating our clients through our partnership, enhancing their ability to influence internally, providing them with resources for support, and adapting to meet their changing needs is how we ultimately deliver maximum value to our clients. 

Your Employees are Suffering

If you are wanting to deliver real results to your employees and support employee wellness, lets talk. 

Your employees are suffering and are seeking results. If you don’t offer it, then they will find an employer who will.

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